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Sports betting consulting plus money management, with a Personal Touch


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It is all about collecting each week!

 I do all the work. I employ a team of high powered individuals that have years of sports betting experience plus sportsbook connections. I pay more for information then most guys bet in a year! It will be all available to you to betonline or with your book!

Building Strong Futures

I’m passionate about helping individuals with diversifying portfolios, managing your money, analyzing sharps betting trends, and reducing your financial risk. My goal? TO MAKE YOU THE MOST POSSIBLE EACH AND EVERY SINGLE GAME, WEEK, SEASON!

About Me

I have been in the gambling business all my life. From running the books in the Bronx. To taking them down in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. They want no part of me. I am the guy who helps others win period!

Parlay Paradise

Two team parlay

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  • Receive a two team parlay that pays back  2.5-1 (for every $100 bet you get back $250) Mix sports and same sports parlays are available. Real information for the guy who needs it most!